Working From Home – The New Normal

Aug 17, 2020 | Home Staging

Thanks to COVID and social distancing, more of us than ever before are working from home – and as a result, an office is something buyers are looking for so it should be something to consider when preparing your home for sale.  A home office or study has always been a bonus for buyers – now more than ever –   it is a necessity.

Choosing the right spot

Of course you can create an office from a spare bedroom if you’re lucky enough to have one or you can quite easily stage a home office in a corner of a room.  Even in a small property a corner or an alcove can be created with a bit of reorganisation. 
If you don’t have a dining kitchen, many sellers have a separate dining room which is used every blue moon so that’s an area to consider too.
A home office doesn’t need to be big –  small home offices are just as effective.  With a bit of smart planning – an inexpensive desk or console table and a chair is all that is needed to create a work space. 

Even a cupboard will do …!

When browsing stores like IKEA or the other end of the market – NEPTUNE, we see more and more office areas built into cupboards.  The beauty of a work space inside a cupboard is that once the work is done, you can simply close the doors and you’d never know it was there.  Magic!

No excuse for looking dull …

Office desks no longer need to look boring and unattractive.  Wilko’s, Sainsbury’s, Paperchase and even Poundland  do funky desk accessories that look great – so if you are selling, invest a little in some stylish props to add appeal.
Buyers love to see that a versatile home that can work well for them and showing that you have a good, useable office or work space could be the game changer you need to get a quick sale.